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In addition, the ban was considered as a way of expressing self in an oppressive way towards the modesty environment essay 150 words written a woman character. This is so because it was considered a way of denying a Muslim woman a right environment essay 150 words written choose what to wear in the present modernized world.

The issue of Banning the Hijab has lead to a number of challenges among Muslim community. This was seen as biasness towards Muslim religion. It was argued that if the ban was really for the purposes of security, it is even easier to conceal weapons under the garments than the face. Banning of the Hijab has also led to an increase in negative sentiments against governments of France and Turkey as a way of opposition to this ban.

The extremists have also increased hatred in the west especially in France which has led to many attacks on the country in general. If this call were made by Mr Trump on Twitter, an outrage would follow.

Environment essay 150 words written -

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In particular, countries such a France and Turkey have issued a ban on wearing the burqa in public. The ban relates to the general wearing of the burqa and not for certain situations such as identity checks. This debate environment essay 150 words written spread to Australian soil where dozens of Australians, such as Cory Bernardi, have enunciated their approval and have called for such a ban in Australia.

While some countries have similar meaning of the veil, the majority of non-Islamic individuals across Europe and Australia have interpreted the veil in their own way and thus attached to it different meanings causing different perceptions as to why or why not it should be worn. If handguns are banned, the amount of crazed lunatics with a gun should decrease. And anyone who good english discursive essay topics the law and tries to harm their environment with a handgun, the proper authority will step in charge to take care of them.

Authorities such as police are the only ones who have the necessity of a handgun. Of course the case would be made for handguns to be used for personal self-defense. But environment essay 150 words written handgun is not needed for self-defense when there are other options such as pepper spray.

environment essay 150 words written

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