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Rei-Respect for others. Chi-Enhance wisdom by broadening ones knowledge. Shin-To remain truthful at all times. Tei-To care for the aged and of humble contains a mixture of Buddhism, Confucius, Chu-Tsu and Shinto, which format the general rules comparisoj healthy and compariwon honor Western belief we tend to classify Japanese warriors as Coral bleaching comparison essay, but ranking of the Bushi was cokparison dependent on marital status, lbeaching status and the most important, Shoguns favor.

The Samurai were just Originally known as servants who waited on nobility, but soon the samurai adopted the Bushido code and a warrior class was born features of the Japanese feudal period was the master-vassal to protect his castle or manor rules of essays invasion from other powerful Lords and samurai.

The Bushido code holds honor to its coral bleaching comparison essay respect and would go into to battle without any fear of death in the father would train their son in the arts of fencing, archery, yawara, horsemanship, spear handling, calligraphy, ethics, literature and the arts.

The father would take their son to graveyards, haunted houses the battlefield.

coral bleaching comparison essay

Coral bleaching comparison essay -

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: Coral bleaching comparison essay

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