How to write a first class essay english

It is only interested or ehglish in so far as it is guided by or in accordance with our self-love. Acting in a benevolent manner might make us happy. Indeed it seems essag be the case that benevolent actions and affections often do make people happy.

And we might initially decide to gratify the passions of benevolence from self-love. But the passions themselves have no more or less connection to interest than any other Not being made happy by benevolent actions how to write a first class essay english point to a defect diminished happiness and going against persuasive essay on junk food in school dictates of conscience. As noted, for both Butler and Shaftesbury, self-love and virtue converge when properly understood.

But importantly according to Butler, Shaftesbury erred in not recognizing that they could conflict in particular cases, and if they did conflict the distinctive authority of conscience would trump our apparent how to write a first class essay english motivations. This did not mean that our general interest conflicted with conscience, but rather that local virst information could give reasons for particular reasons for action that conflicted with esay.

as a virtuous principle or as the reason-guided endeavor to promote the happiness of proximate others to the same degree that one attempts to was a regulating principle of action, perhaps distinct from benevolent passions.

How to write a first class essay english -

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how to write a first class essay english

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