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In politics. In speeches to the public, and to the Burmese forces he further warned that the armed forces must stay clear of state politics, as the army is unfamiliar with political matters and is ready to use guns and force to big black good man summary essays any problems that arise.

Detached from the military, General Aung San was able February of the same year a historical agreement was signed in Panlong, Shan State that would ensure the unity of the Union of Burma. members of his cabinet were assassinated. Burma achieved its independence, but the newly independent government found it onerous to cope with the ensuing chaos. The path for a unified Burma that had been laboriously built by Aung San was broken by the corruption and distrust that filled the resulting power vacuum of his death.

Civil war erupted, and the new national army struggled to survive amidst the various factions that developed. Yet the armed forces, experienced from their fight against colonialism, and army had turned its focus to economic affairs, through john paul ii institute essay contest to win Defense Services Institute, and to the civilian government.

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When the decision is made, you have to conduct a research and look through as many sources as you possibly can.

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