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The overall goal of therapy is to reestablish normal body composition and metabolic equilibrium, and commonly measured variables include body weight, nitrogen balance, imaging of lean body mass, and measurement of serum proteins.

Functional measures such as exercise tolerance have also been proposed as a possible metric. It is important that patients continue to receive adequate nutrition after discharge from gour hospital, but data on the optimal diet after the acute postburn phase are virtually nonexistent.

Because the hypermetabolic state can persist for over a year after burn injury, increased caloric intake with a high protein component is usually recommended for about a year after discharge. Resistance exercise is also recommended to combat continued loss of muscle mass. Patients should regularly weigh themselves to ensure they are maintaining their weight as instructed by the physician and dietician. Oxandrolone is often continued in the outpatient essay on your university, but no data exist regarding the optimum duration of therapy and further study is needed.

Nutritional assessments should be a essay on your university component of outpatient follow-up for burn patients. The delivery of nutritional support is a essay on your university element total annihilation intro speech essay burn care, and the main goal is simply to avoid nutritional complications.

Effective essah and management can optimize wound healing and decrease complications and mortality.

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