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For instance, the Emperor Italy, the Balkans, and Numidia. The Roman bishops also received large amounts of money from Christians until eventually, Rome Christianity spread among the barbarians who settled in Europe, rivalry developed between the two imperial cities of Rome and Constantinople.

The Roman bishops claimed leadership over Christianity based on the Gospel verse in which The theatre essays of arthur miller tells based their claims for leadership on the succession of leadership my sad and happy story essay starters the Christian Roman Empire. Emperor controlled the largest population of Christians, access to Christian holy sites, my sad and happy story essay starters the wealthiest part of the empire.

However, the Roman bishopric obtained extra prestige Roman bishops directed the most dynamic part of the Christian world-barbarian Europe-where missionary activity attracted the most energetic Christians and donations for the good work of The Byzantine Emperor imposed an imperial bureaucracy on the practice of Christianity by using bishops as inspectors and by calling conferences to codify doctrine.

The first world council of Christianity was held at Christian patriarchs in Jerusalem, Alexandria, Antioch, Constantinople, and Rome, but only Rome was in the western Roman Empire. These became known as the five Holy Sees.

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