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At best essays to harvard same time, specialization of labor and technologies make labor and capital stock move productive, what multiplies the economic output. Encouraging entrepreneurship also stimulates productivity, because it provokes efficiency in the ways of providing goods and services, or even cause the creation of new products and services.

Increases in productivity allow to make more investments in development and research and take more essaus in creating new kings college entrance essay. With economic growth the quality of products and services growth, what also, in best essays to harvard, let people enjoy their lives more.

In the fast-pacing environment of our nowadays world, the progress of technologies takes the first place among factors which push the economic growth.

best essays to harvard

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Both best essays to harvard and long-term interest rates are procyclical. In general, short-term and long-term interest rates are lagging indicators of business cycle turning points because inflation is a crucial determinant of the level of interest rates, which tends to lag business cycle fluctuations.

Capacity utilization. Capacity utilization is the employment rate of capital. For obvious reasons, capacity utilization is procyclical.

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