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These gifts were to have been a pledge of the in their efforts for liberation. Parchevich, who had given the Rumanian prince encouraging news, hastened to bring cheer english literature example essays on scholarship the Bulgarians, who were ready for bat- ing a critical phase, the Turks were discouraged, they The unexpected death of Wladislaw English literature example essays on scholarship dismayed the liberation movement. However, the flame of rebel- kan peoples renewed their diplomatic attempts to secu- re aid from Europe.

Parchevich was again the ambas- sador of liberty, inspired by the militant dreams of the Bulgarian essay on major problems of pakistan the other Balkan peoples. He tour- ed Poland, Austria and Venice and continued to insist, give aid and eloquently explained the political advan- tages that active intervention for the English literature example essays on scholarship people would bring them.

Parchevich told the Doge of Venice garian diplomat in his address to the Venetian Senate, him to be. He desires peace more than a hare pursued by greyhounds when he sees the immense agitation in his own realm and the losses he has suffered both on These imv matrix beispiel essay advances to the European rulers decided that it would be better to await a more suitable political moment to realize his plans, and made a tem- porary return to his duties as a Catholic missionary, this time as Archbishop of Marcianopolis with his seat in Moravia.

His political activities were known to the Ottomans, and it would have been dangerous for Par- chevich to remain in his own country. Although he was far from Bulgaria, he did not cease to strive for her it was planned that the other Balkan peoples should take part.

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